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  1. My Mind is My Own, Liz Magic Laser, 2015, single-channel video, 2 min excerpted from 8 min. Featuring actor Ella Maré.

  2. In My Mind is My Own - the companion piece to The Thought Leader (2015) - Laser asked professional vocal coach, Kate Wilson, to teach her own daughter, eleven-year-old actor Ella Maré, to perform the role of a trainer in an instructional video. Laser worked with the mother-daughter duo to develop sinister versions of their vocal exercises.

    Featuring actor Ella Maré. Script written by Liz Magic Laser in collaboration with Kate Wilson and Ella Maré. Vocal coach: Kate Wilson; Directors of Photography: Chris Heinrich and Tom Richmond; Audio Engineer: Nikola Chapelle; Sound Mixer: Scott Benzel; Color Correction: Alejandro Wilkins; Production Manager: Anna Riley; Production Assistant: Esther Hayes; Participating actors: Travis Branch, Virginia Ferrer, Clara Pagone, Noriko Sato, James Pyecka, Mike Quinn, Khalid Rivera, Isaiah Seward, MaryAnn Siwek, Stephanie Sanford, CharliiTV and Alex Xenos. Produced with support from Various Small Fires Gallery, Los Angeles.